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Our Events

We offer events services for you very special occasions. DNC Events is making our clients create good memories they can bring lifetime since 1999 in UAE. With having a team equipped with years of experience we can make your events more special and a one-stop shop for all your event needs.

We offer services for the following events.


  • Corporate Events

  • Wedding Events

  • Sports Events

  • Birthday Events

  • Exclusive / VIP Events

  • Product Launching Events

  • Convention

  • Trades Event

  • Exhibitions

  • Fairs

  • Major Events

  • Minor Events

  • Photoshoot Events

  • PR Events

  • DNG 360 Camera Rental

We also offer: 


  • Event Consultation

  • Event Management

  • Event Organizing

  • Supplier Arrangement

  • Photography / Videography Services

  • Lights and Sound System

  • Advertising Materials

  • Printing

  • Stage Decorations

  • LED Screen Displays

  • Flags Printing

  • Catering and Food Arrangements

  • Customized Party Needs

  • 3D Layout of Events Place

  • Designing

  • and many more.

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